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Rebate Schedule (Effective 1/1/13) 

Ground Source Heat Pump

All heat pump rebates must use a Delta T of 80 with a Manual J calculation to support the Delta T to qualify. $250 per ton for ground source heat pump with a minimum high temperature COP of 4.0 and an EER of 20; unit must be qualified with an Energy Star rating. Certificate of product rating from manufacture for each unit. $500 additional per ton, for a new home and replacement of non-gshp unit if home qualifies.  To qualify,   a minimum of R-45 insulation must be installed in the ceiling and R-13 in the walls.  Electric backup heat must be installed on a separate breaker. Member will need to fill out an application, send appropriate documentation, certificate of product ratings of each unit installed and a copy of the completed invoice.   Other information may be requested by cooperative. Replacement of existing ground source heat pump units is eligible for $150 per ton rebate, must meet above listed criteria and is at the discretion of the cooperative. Rebate limits: residential, 10 tons; commercial and industrial, 50 tons; community (a tax supported public building, church, or school), 50 tons.

Dual Fuel Heat Pump

$150 per ton must have a fossil fuel backup, copy of completed invoice with prices and a completed load calculation.  The unit must be Energy Star rated with an SEER minimum of 16.5.  The cut point for backup heat is 30 degrees.  A copy of the load calculation to support the unit will need to be included. Unit must be qualified with an Energy Star rating. Certificate of product ratings from manufacture for each unit. Natural gas, propane and fuel oil with an automatic backup feature are acceptable for use with dual fuel heat pumps. Wood burning systems are not eligible as back-up for heating. Rebate limits: residential, 10 tons; commercial and industrial, 50 tons; community (a tax supported public building, church, or school), 50 tons.

Electric Water Heaters (40 gal or larger)

Must have an energy efficiency rating of 90%.

New home         


Gas to electric conversion


Replace electric (tank must be leaking)


Member will need to fill out an application, attach a copy of the invoice and the following information will need to be provided: make, model, serial number, place of purchase, cost of heater, installer,  and address of heater.  (One rebate allowed every six years).

Energy Star rated appliances

Energy Star room air conditioners                        


(Must have a copy of the invoice, make, model number and serial to be eligible for rebate).

Home Energy Audit and Weatherization Incentives

Professional auditor performs a blower door test on a member’s home. The auditor will depressurize the home. During the test, the auditor will find energy and weatherization measures to assist homeowner. Auditor must be approved by TCEC. Upon completion of the energy audit, an incentive of up to 50% of the cost, with a cap of $500, will be paid for corrective actions taken.  Corrective measures include such items as external labor and materials for insulation, building shell sealing, and interior duct sealing/insulation. Energy Audits are free to members. 

Rebates valid after July 1, 2008 and are subject to change without notice.  Rebates valid for up to 90 days after date of purchase and/or installation.  All invoices must have purchase date.  All rebates are subject to inspection by cooperative personnel.  All equipment must be installed in a full-time permanent residence or full-time business.  Building must have a permanent foundation (concrete or block foundation and axles and wheels must be removed). 

PDF Rebate Forms

Please follow the directions provided and mail into Tri-County for processing:

Ground Source Heat Pump Rabate Application

Water Heater-Room Air Conditioner Rebate Application

Home Energy Audit Weatherization Rebate Application

Basement Crawl Space Rebate Application

Dual Fuel Heat Pump Rebate Application

Energy Star Advanced Programmable Thermostat Rebate Application

High Efficiency Motor Rebate Application

Mini-Split Rebate Application

Window Air Conditioner Rebate Application

The cooperative may have more rebates available than currently listed. For a full list of all available rebates, please call 660-457-3733.

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