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When you participate in a grassroots effort, you do so because you are familiar with the issues and their impact on you and your community. However, what really is grassroots?


In its most basic form, grassroots movements encourage community members to contribute by taking responsibility and action in their community. Whether that be utilizing various strategies, like fundraising, registering voters or simply encouraging political conversation, grassroots movements are consistent in their emphasis on increasing involvement in politics.Most of us engage in grassroots efforts without even realizing it. Any time you join others to speak to a governing body, or sign a petition, you are part of a grassroots effort. By joining your neighbors to seek a service for your town or county, you are part of a grassroots effort. The same goes when casting your ballot in any election – we participate in grassroots activities all the time.


The same is true with the Grassroots 3000 Committee at Tri-County Electric Cooperative. Fellow Tri-County Electric members are engaging in grassroots activities on behalf of your electric cooperative. These activities are as simple as staying updated on electric co-ops’ legislative efforts at both the State and Federal level, or sending a quick email to the elected officials in our area. Tri-County electric aims to be an essential part of the communities in which we serve, by providing safe, reliable and affordable electricity. However, this is not done easily. Legislative and regulatory pressures can quickly erode the cooperative’s ability to fulfill this goal. As cooperative members, we have to remind our elected officials on a regular basis that the decisions they make have a substantial and sometimes negative effect on Tri-County Electric.


This is why we are asking for your help. By joining Tri-County Electric’s grassroots effort you are supporting the fundamentals of which our cooperative was based – concern for your community. In turn, you will periodically receive grassroots newsletters to familiarize yourself with the issues affecting Tri-County Electric Cooperative at the State and Federal level. How you exercise your grassroots advocacy – sending letters/emails or making personal visits – is entirely up to you. All we ask from you, our member, is to sign up using the form below to start receiving the TCEC Grassroots publication. Keep in mind, the information you share with us below is only used to communicate information about the legislative and regulatory issues facing Tri-County Electric Cooperative.


Understanding the legislative and regulatory issues facing Tri-County Electric Cooperative is imperative to today’s society, and it starts with you. Please join us today. 




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