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Surge Protection

Blinking Lights, etc.

Anything that comes into contact with any part of the distribution system that delivers electricity to your meter can reduce the quality of power you receive. Tree limbs, small animals and miscellaneous foreign objects are the most common causes of those irritating blinking lights and reset clocks.

Tri-County Electric Cooperative works constantly to control as many of these factors as is physically possible. Our linemen conduct routine overhead line inspections to detect wind and weather damage.

Trees native to Missouri commonly produce as much as 72" (six feet) of re-growth annually, making them one of our leading causes of reduced power quality and outage. An aggressive, territory-wide Right-of-Way Maintenance and Tree Trimming Program is instituted to address this problem.

Small animals such as squirrels and even birds can ground out areas of the system causing brief interruptions of power.

If you need to have a power line inspected for foliage intrusion, simply contact us during work hours at (660) 457-3733 or toll-free at (888) 457-3734 and ask for our Line Superintendent.


Tree Trimming

Tri-County Electric Cooperative provides the highest quality of electric service to its members. In order to achieve this quality, we occasionally must trim trees within the Right-Of-Way.

In an effort to provide open avenues of communication, the cooperative will make every effort to contact property owners prior to right of way maintenance activities. The cooperative will maintain rights of way at least 15 feet from the center of the power line on both sides.

For more information, contact the Operations Department. We constantly strive to provide you the highest level of service. If you have questions about our tree trimming activities give us a call toll-free at (888) 457-3734.



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